Phantom Voter Project

See who is voting from your NC address. You just might be surprised at what you find.

Who is voting from YOUR address?

Who is Voting From YOUR Address

Phantom voters are those who illegally register to vote at one or multiple addresses.  The owner of the property is unaware that one or many people have used their address for this purpose.  This type of activity has been reported in MANY counties throughout our state.

YOU can take action.   Click this link to access the Phantom Voter Project database.

Phantom Voter Database

You simply select COLUMBUS county, input your address, hit submit.  This will display your address and the number of voters at this address.  

Click on the address, hit the inquire button, all voter information will display.

If everything is correct, no further action is required.  If there are names on this list that should not be, action must be taken to have these people removed from the voter rolls.

Hit the MAILER button.  This will produce a letter asking you to complete some information and send it to the board of elections.   

If this is all too overwhelming, we can assist you.  Please click this link to send an email.  Please include your address and contact information. 

[email protected]

Audits Explained

An overview of the different types of election audits and an explanation of why we are demanding forensic audits.
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