July 15, 2021

By Ray Jacobs

Sheriff Jody Greene

Sheriff Jody Greene

Doing great and getting better!

The Columbus County Sheriff Department

Bringing Productivity and Proactivity to Columbus County

On occasion, an individual, or group of individuals, excel to the point that I feel to be noteworthy of public comment on my behalf.  Those who know me well know that I don’t base performance, or failure, on party affiliation.  Instead, I let the individual(s) actions, or inactions, speak for themselves.  One such group of individuals manage to continuously capture my attention, the Columbus County Sheriff’s Department.

I would like to begin with listing some statistics compiled from January, 2020 to June 2021.

1. Homicide Investigations – 17 homicide investigations conducted.  16 have been resolved.  1 is still under investigation.

2. Violent Crimes (Robbery, Shooting, Serious Injury) – 182 cases Investigated.

3. Responses to General Calls for Service – 33,217 calls.

4. Narcotics – 1,084 drug arrests made.

5. CCW Permit Fingerprints – 1,199 fingerprints processed and electronically captured.

6. Percentage of Cases Solved – In 2020 91.9% of all cases were solved with 7.1% still being investigated.  As of the end of June 2021, 79.6% of cases have been resolved with 19.3% of those cases being investigated.

7. Federal Inmates – In April 2021 the Columbus County Sheriff’s Department Detention Center began housing Federal Inmates.  Since that time, 73 Federal Inmates have been housed and transported to Federal Court, resulting in a grand total of $124,840.36 in revenue.

In addition to these statistics, there are many additional accomplishments that have been made by the Columbus County Sheriff’s Department since January 2020.  A few that come to mind are:

1. Equipment upgrades – including but not limited to certain Heavy-Duty vehicles, patrol vehicles, a helicopter, and a boat… most of which we were previously dependent on other counties or the state to provide.

2. Transparency – The addition of the Facebook page and other communications methods means we all get to see what is being done.  Have a question, ask it.  If they don’t have an answer, they will get it.  These things matter.

3. Attendance and Participation – The Sheriff has been at every public event that I have went to, and there have been several.  While this can be argued as subjective from my point of view, 100% attendance in my personal observations is certainly worthy of notice.  Likewise, the Deputies seem to be everywhere, both visible and engaged in their duties.

4. Investigations – In my personal observations and conversations with others about their experiences,  there has been a paradigm shift in the way Investigations are conducted.  Robbery and other victims who were once being treated in a manner that the case was already closed, are now being engaged and the perpetrators actively pursued.  Just a few years ago, crime was very bad in several areas where my family lives.  They didn’t dare leave out cookers, boats, and anything else literally chained down, or else it was stolen.  Now, I ride by the same areas and see possessions left out in back yards, open garages, etc… a testament to the homeowners feeling of safety they were once missing in those areas.

In closing, I want to reiterate that I, a Columbus County resident, am very much aware and proud of the accomplishments of the Columbus County Sheriff’s Department as it is today.  As with most things, I’m sure some people out there are unhappy with the current direction of County Law Enforcement.  Especially the ones used to breaking the law with impunity.  For those not criminally or politically motivated, it’s obvious the job is getting done, and done right.  I feel no political, friendship, or any other favoritism coming from our Sheriff.  If you break the law, then you can expect to see law enforcement in your near future.  It doesn’t matter who you are, as it should be.