Protecting Fairness of the Vote is important to NC Voters. There is information below about Democratic attempts to change election law for 20201 and 2022. NCGOP opposes this and is taking steps to fight these proposed changes. It would help if we all could take time and either attend the remote meeting or write in opposition to the rule changes. Information on how to do so listed below. Thanks in Advance
·  Roy Cooper’s Democrat-controlled State Board of Elections is proposing rules that would both make elections less secure and restrict free speech.
·  The Board of Elections wants to:
o    Limit the number of poll observers, making it nearly impossible for volunteer poll observers to remain present during the full voting process.
o   Define any political sign larger than 3’x5′ as a “billboard,” which will limit free speech through arbitrary enforcement and restrict political activism.
·  The North Carolina Republican Party promotes MORE election transparency, not less, and MORE free speech, not less. This is a clear attempt by Democrats here in North Carolina to make elections less secure and to crack down on public displays of political support. Once again, the mainstream media is silent. Republicans must fight this.
·  On May 6th at 1:00 p.m., a remote public hearing will be held on the proposed rule changes. To register to attend and/or speak, go to the State Board of Elections web site, and go to the calendar date May 6th. Follow the information on registering for the WebEx
·  In the meantime, public comments on the rule changes will be accepted until Tuesday, June 1.
Please email [email protected] to object to their proposed rules changes.